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Food and Wine and Recipes, Oh My!

Kimberly Houston | June 16, 2011

Hello there, dear readers.
This is a quick post to call your attention to something I’ve just launched here on the blog that I’d like to invite you to sign up for. It’s a little food and wine pairing e-course I’ve created, totally free of course, that will be sent directly to your e-mail inbox. Simply [...]

Behind the Scenes at a Wine Dinner

Kimberly Houston | September 6, 2010

I recently worked a wine dinner at Temptations and wanted to share the behind the scenes fun.
I’ve said it before:  if you love food and wine and want to learn more about the whole subculture of people and pleasures that field encompasses, and you want the opportunity  to try lots of great food and wine [...]

Simple Advice for Pairing Food and Wine

Kimberly Houston | January 9, 2010

[picappgallerysingle id="6034269"]  I’ll be honest — I had plans to post about something else today, but as I’m still feeling under the weather, I don’t have the energy to produce something original.  But, I did find a link to a nice little article from the January 5 edition  of Wine Spectator’s online Sips and Tips e-newsletter [...]

Food and Wine Pairing: Chilied Almonds and Saint-Hilaire Blanquette de Limoux 2005

Kimberly Houston | December 26, 2009

On Christmas Eve I had the delicious French sparkler I wrote about in Wednesday’s post, paired with chilied almonds, pancetta biscuits, pimiento cheese and crackers, and Belgian truffles.  It was a small snack-feast for friends, and just the way I like to celebrate on Christmas Eve.  And a great way to toast/celebrate a glorious three [...]

Food and Wine Pairing: Penne with Creamy Tomato and Sausage Sauce, and 2006 Castellani Chianti Superiore

Kimberly Houston | December 13, 2009

Hmmmm, Saturday night.  I feel like when I do have the gumption to make a home-cooked meal lately, it’s usually on a Saturday night.  Why is this?  I reckon it’s because I have the entire day to prep, unlike on a weekday. That is, I have all day to: while away much time perusing recipes [...]