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wine tasting imageWould you like to try something different? Would you like to have a varied case of wine on hand, with always just the right bottle of wine at your fingertips to match every occasion? And how about learning some wine basics too, so you can shop with confidence, or plan your perfect wine pairing with dinner, even if it’s take-out?


Because that’s what I’m here for. I lead in-home wine tastings that will give you access to not only some amazing, limited-production, artisan wines not available in stores, but also to some basic wine knowledge, wine shopping rules of thumb, and food-and-wine pairing essentials that will effortlessly guide you in selecting the right wine for every meal.              

Think of me as your wine tutor and personal shopper rolled into one.  My wine tastings are like an intimate party – a small group of your favorite people, perfect snacks, and one bottle after another of amazing wines for you to explore.  By the time it’s over, you’ll have ordered a few bottles of your new favorites or learned what to look for at the store – or both!

SO . . .

If you’re in WILMINGTON, NC OR SURROUNDING AREAS, and want to discover, taste and shop for great wine, in the relaxing, informal environment of your very own living room, among your very best friends, we should talk!  (See my contact information, below.)


• Reserve A Date with Me
• Invite Your Friends (I’ll help!)
• Provide Simple Appetizers and Glasses (I’ll guide you about appetizers to have on hand, and provide you with a shopping list)
• Relax and Enjoy the Tasting!

And I’ll do all the rest! At the end of the tasting, you and your guests will have the opportunity to order the wines you like.  As the host, you’ll also receive special discounts on wine, host gifts, and seasonal recipes.

So if you’re wondering, “How much is this going to set me back?”, I’ll tell you:

THE COST OF A TASTING IS JUST $59, PLUS TAX.  That’s $59, for:

• Six, count ‘em, six, bottles of limited-production, artisan wine,
• A fun and informative, guided tasting experience,
• The opportunity to shop for wine in the comfort of your own home,
• And a great time with your friends and family gathered together to enjoy the experience!

What could be better?!

Contact me here for more information, and we’ll start planning your tasting!:

Or visit my Wine Tastings website HERE by clicking on this link.

So go ahead, let me hear from you, and let’s get this party started!!


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