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Which Wine to Bring to a Dinner Party

I try not to post things other than my own content on this blog, because it just seems lazy, but sometimes you read something so worthwhile and/or useful, that you want to share it with others. Especially when it’s something better than you could have produced yourself!   ; )

My best friend frequently reads the Wall Street Journal wine column written by Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher. Today she sent me a link to a piece called, The Answer to ‘What Can We Bring?’ If You’re Going to a Dinner Party, You’ll Please Your Hosts With Any of the Choices Here.  I found the article so valuable and entertaining, I wanted to share it here.  This would be a great starting point for anyone who enjoys wine and knows something about it, but may feel a little intimidated about actually choosing a wine for a dinner party.

It reveals nine “excellent and trendy” wines you can buy take to your next dinner party.  None of them will break the bank, and any of them will show that you, a) know your trendy wines, and b) put some thought and effort into the choice.

Also, there’s a link in the text article to a short video that covers the topic nearly identically to the text piece, if you prefer the visual approach. It’s just under four minutes long.


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