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Best Way to Spend a Saturday Morning: Riverfront Farmers’ Market

FM.sweetpotatoesI love the Farmer’s Market in downtown Wilmington. Love.

I recently went with my friend Carolyn, who I wandered around with, taking in the bounty of the market and the beauty of the setting, soaking up lots of produce-related knowledge. Damn, those downtown farmers’ market vendors know a lot about produce, I tell ya!

You just can’t ask for a better location. There’s something about strolling around downtown, against the backdrop of the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge and the Battleship, with the river rolling by in the background, that makes you feel so . . . . happy.  The breeze is blowing, it’s a gorgeous sunny Spring day, you’re out with a favorite friend. And then there’s all that gorgeous natural beauty, of the landscape AND produce variety.  Man, it just doesn’t get any better than this!

So I’m going to shut my pie hole now and post some pics of the day.  Enjoy!


How pretty, right?  That’s the thing about the Farmers’ Market — you can go just to soak up the sights, sounds and smells,  not buying one darn thing, and still have a terrific time.  I sure did.  : )

I think I may be drawn to this color . . .

I think I may be drawn to this color . . .

I took alot of pictures of purple-ish produce this day.  What’s up with that?

FM.produce #1

I would probably never cook with this, since I’m not even sure what it is (!), but it shore is purty!  ; )

FM.produce #2

More lovely lettuces.


How pretty is this rhubarb?!  Seriously.

FM.produce #5

So there ya have it. And I’ve got two dozen pics I didn’t post, but you get the idea. 

I say, the Wilmington Riverfront Farmers’ Market is all that, and then some.  I highly recommend it for fresh and beautiful produce, and friendly and knowledgeable vendors.  Perfect way to spend a Saturday.

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2 Responses to “Best Way to Spend a Saturday Morning: Riverfront Farmers’ Market”

  1. Eliana says:

    This is reminding me so much of my Saturday morning walks through my own farmer’s market. Such a great way to start any day.

  2. I know, it really is a great way to start a day. I wish I would do it more often.

    But I have a bad habit of buying veggies and then not using them before it’s too late! I bought some lovely baby zucchini when I last went to the farmers’ market, and then let them sit in my refrigerator until they were no good and I had to throw them out. So next time I go, I’m going to promise myself not to make any purchases unless I actually plan to use them. ; )

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