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Downtown Deli Delight: Wayfarer Delicatessen

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I finally made it in here after wanting to visit since last December when they opened.  Wayfarer Deli is in the teeny-tiny space at 110 South Front St. (once home to Wilmington Wine Shoppe, among other things), and I do mean tiny.  But these guys have packed a lot of goodness into such a small space.

During Azalea Festival recently, my friend and I stopped in to look over the menu, telling Ron Suriano, General Manager, we’d be back after we walked the festival.  I thought of almost nothing else as we wandered around, taking in tchotckes, tie dye tee shirts, macramé plant hangers, and all the other usual street fair tedium.  The whole while thinking about that chicken sandwich with avocado and bacon I was about to be gettin.’

After not too long, we made our way back to the Wayfarer, the real highlight of the day.

My friend had “The Omaha” – premium, fresh-cut, house-roasted beef, caramelized onions, spicy horseradish mayo & smokey gouda, topped with arugula on panini-pressed artisan ciabatta for $8.50.

The Omaha

The Omaha

I don’t know what the sandwich I had was called, but it made me happy.  It was chicken breast with . . . I’m drawing a blank . . . I think there was bacon on there, and I know it had avocado, because I love avocado on a sandwich and that’s why I ordered it; on a Kaiser roll, maybe?  (Note to self, take notes next time. Geez, my mind is like a . . .um, one of those things you drain pasta in.)

My friend thought her sandwich was divine; the only thing I would have changed about mine, and this is a very minor quibble, is to have had the bread slightly toasted.  Otherwise, I was as happy as a pig in sh*t.

What I had . . .

What I had . . .

Wayfarer also has beer and wine.  I had a nice Chardonnay/Chenin Blanc blend for just $4.50 a glass that made a very nice match to my sandwich.

For me, the mark of I place I’m likely going to fall in love with is one with a menu that: makes my mouth water, is difficult to choose from, and makes me create a mental list before my first visit is over of what I’ll try the next time I’m here. And the time after that.  Wayfarer’s menu passed that test hands down.  They even have empanadas (beef, chicken, and corn), fer cryin’ out loud!

They also have breakfast items, vegetarian fare, soups and salads, and a whole host of other mouth-watering sandwich selections.  And you can get items from the deli case to go as well.

Plus, Ron and Carey, the nice folks who own and run the place, love what they do, and it shows.  They’re personable, friendly and go out of their way to make sure diners have a good experience.  Ditto our server . . . um, Erin, maybe?  She was patient and accomodating, despite getting hit with a 5-top —  outside — right when we were ready to settle up. 

Check out Liz Biro’s review here; have a look at the Wayfarer Delicatessen menu here.

And if you want to write your own review, check out the blackboard in the restroom and leave your thoughts . . .   ; )

Wayfarer blackboard

Bon Appetit!

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