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Great Rosé to Drink on a Rainy Saturday Night: 2009 Saint André de Figuière “Cuvée Magali” Côtes de Provence Rosé

Saint Andre de Figuiere Rose 2009

Wow. Terrifically bad weather here last weekend.  I feel bad for my friends in Raleigh who had to endure a few truly scary moments during the tornadoes, which left some pretty awful destruction in their wake.  You’re all in my thoughts.

Meanwhile, while we down here on the coast were white knuckling it, expecting the worst, some of us decided to do something to take our minds off what might be coming.  And the perfect place to do that turned out to be The Fortunate Glass in downtown Wilmington.

As it turns out, all we got was lots of wind and a pretty powerful rain for a bit, but that was it.  Meanwhile, we thoroughly enjoyed our perfectly lovely Rosé, perched at the bar, as we watched the wind and the rain whip the tourists about. 

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – I just love that there is such a deep and wide selection of wines by the glass and the bottle at The Fortunate Glass.  And every time I go, I find a new wine to love.

This time it was 2009 Saint André de Figuière “Cuvée Magali” Côtes de Provence Rosé, a blend of Cinsault, Syrah, Cabernet, and Grenache.  From that blend of grapes, you know there’s going to be some there, there.  And that is a good thing.

We ordered a bottle, which only set us back about $19.  Great bargain, that.

Wine Notes (from

“This is classic salmon colored Provencal rosé made up of cinsault, syrah, cabernet and grenache. It is hand harvested by the domaine and vinified at their facility.  The wine has subtle aromas of citrus zest and pink grapefruit with a touch of strawberry. It is clean and precise.”

Food and Wine Pairing

Provence Rosés are typically dry and fruity.  This wine would be terrific on its own as an aperitif, and also pair well with salad, especially Salad Niçoise, and other typical foods from Provence like Bouillabaisse, Aioli, and Ratatouille, and other traditional French food from the same area such as baked sea bass with herbs and grilled seafood dishes with spices.


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