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Have I Ever Told You . . .

logo from Serious Eats media kit

logo from Serious Eats media kit


There are so many cool things about this site, I don’t know where to begin.

Serious Eats is a website and passionate online foodie community featuring blogs, video, conversation, columns, recipes from cookbook writers, chefs and the Serious Eats community, and food news, entertainment and commentary, plus lots more.  Oh, and it’s funny and irreverent, a real plus for keeping readers engaged.

Actually, it’s a “family” of sites, which includes Serious Eats, Serious Eats: New York (“everything delicious in and around New York City”), Slice (a pizza blog), A Hamburger Today (a popular hamburger blog), and Photograzing (where people share food photography).

In the recipes tab alone you’ll find categories such as Eat for Eight Bucks, Gluten-free Tuesday, Healthy and Delicious, Sack Lunch, The Secret Ingredient, French in a Flash, Seriously Meatless, Seriously Italian, Seriously Asian, and Serious Heat, to name just a few.

I subscribe to the both the Serious Eats regular newsletter and the recipe-specific newsletter, which always contain delicious nuggets of food news, recipes, and funny stories. 

At the end of the week, check out the site for: “This Week’s Tasty 10: The Most Popular Posts from the SE Cornucopia” — which recently featured such interesting posts as Crème Fraiche in One Easy Step, The Best 40’s of Malt Liquor, and Cookie-stuffed cookies (wherein you will find a recipe for Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies. I am not making this up.)

There is so much that is good here, I want you all to check out the site for yourselves. Seriously. Personally, I love it so much I could marry it.

Check it out at

Bon Appetit!

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