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iViva Chile!: Llai Llai Pinot Noir, Bio Bio Valley, Chile 2008

label image from

label image from

Aaah, Chile.  By now we all know there are some great wine bargains to be had from South America.  This wine from Chile’s Bio Bio Valley is one of them. Aromatic and silky, this excellent value Pinot Noir is one of my favorite recent discoveries.

The Bio Bio valley is in southern Chile.  Warm days and cold nights ensure a long ripening season, which is a good thing, but higher rainfall and strong winds make it more challenging to grow grapes here than in than Chile’s more northerly wine regions. Which means that winegrowing here requires a bit more skill and fortitude.

(Now see, when I learned that, I liked this wine even more. Because, you know, it had a more difficult time on the path to good than wines from less challenging wine growing regions.  And I love a good overcoming-challenge-and-making-good story. Which, incidentally, is the story of a lot of wine.)

My impressions:  Light-to-medium body. On the nose, a hint of cedar and earth. On the palate, delicate spice notes, a little earthy, a little smoky, tart cherry. A teensy bit tannic on the finish but not off-puttingly so.  Excellent value for the price.

Tasting notes from Llai Llai website:  This wine is intense deep red in colour, ripe and very aromatic Fine and elegant, it has a good balance of alcohol and acidity.  The nose has black cherry flavours, and a powerful bouquet surrounded by sweet earthy notes Long and rich smooth finish due to the very ripe and soft tannins.

You can find this wine locally at Temptations in Porter’s Neck for $11.99.


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