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Wilmington Wine Tastings: Bottega Art and Wine

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I don’t why I’ve never written about downtown Wilmington’s Bottega Art and Wine’s wine tastings on the blog. Truth is, I’ve been to Bottega many times, but never specifically for the wine tastings.

Which they do on Wednesday evenings from 7-10 p.m., by the way. And like most wine tastings in town, it’s free.

The atmosphere is very low-key, neighborhood-hangout, gallery/artsy and interesting. Meaning, there are plenty of folks there who come in regularly, it’s a homey, welcoming place for both regulars and newbies alike, and there’s art everywhere. (It is a gallery, after all.)  So you’ll fit in just fine.  The regulars may say hi to you – a couple of them extended pleasant and friendly greetings to my friend and I when we were there on a recent Wednesday night – but it won’t be weird. Oh, and there’s also music on Weds. nights.  All in all, a particularly relaxed evening of good fun, good drinking, a friendly crowd, and enjoyable music and art.

The wine tasting itself is particularly low-key, as you’ll either sit at the bar among everyone else and get your tastes, one after the other, or the bartender on duty will come to your little table against the wall and pour them for you.  (And a pleasant and friendly guy he is, too.) And there won’t be some long spiel about the wine and the winemaker, etc., etc., although if that’s what you want, I’m sure they’ll provide you with that information. 

Here’s the thing – most of the wine tastings in this town are pretty informal and easy-going, but I bet you’ll find the one at Bottega Art and Wine fits that description particularly well. 

Oh yes, they also offer hummus, cheeses, breads, olives and salads, if you’re feeling a bit peckish.

What they say about themselves:

“Located within the downtown gallery district, we provide an essential gathering place for artists, collectors, musicians, writers, wine enthusiasts, and the ever-evolving beer connoisseur.  With wine prices starting at the starving artist range of $4 a glass to the Renoir rate of $85 a bottle, many of which are certified organic, our gallery presents a welcoming and unpretentious environment that demonstrates that all art forms are an integral ingredient in our culture’s vitality. In fact, the gallery name derives from the Italian word dually translated as: an artist’s studio and a storehouse for wine.” 

You can find Bottega Art and Wine Bar at:

208 North Front St.
Phone:  910.763.3737
If the info on the website is still current, their hours are:
Tues-Sun, 1pm-2am, Mondays 4pm-2am

Visit the Bottega Art and Wine website here.


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