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Wilmington Wine Tastings: The Fortunate Glass

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If you’re lucky enough to be a Wilmingtonian, you may have already discovered the wonderful new downtown wine bar, The Fortunate Glass, on 29 South Front St. (I recently wrote about this wine bar here.)

On Tuesday night I went to a wine tasting there; the theme was “Classic Estate Wines of California.”  Hey, what a great idea!   And I’ll tell you why . . . See, once you get bitten by the wine bug, you’ll start reading about expensive trophy wines you’re not likely ever to have the opportunity to try — things like California cult Cabernets such as Screaming Eagle, or Haut-Brion and other first growth Bordeaux, or rare vintage Champagne, to name a few.

And then you’ll read and hear about a whole other category of wines:  higher end wines that may be just out of your reach, dollar-wise, at least for every day drinking, but are fantastic, point-worthy wines you’d do yourself a service to try.

This category of wine was available by the taste and the glass at the October 26, 2010 wine tasting at The Fortunate Glass. You typically don’t find this kind of high-end tasting for free. Many weekly wine tastings are all about new wines your favorite wine retailer just got in, great finds they know will appeal to their customer base, and so on.  So those are the wines you’ll try at their tastings, and that’s great.  But what you don’t often find are higher-end wine tastings like this one, that won’t set you back anything. 

Of course The Fortunate Glass is a wine bar and not a wine retailer, so they can do things a little differently, and this is good for us when it comes to tastings.  : )

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, it’s great when you get a chance to expand your palate by drinking some of the really, really good stuff.  And some of the really, really good stuff was what The Fortunate Glass was tasting on Tuesday night:

Chalk Hill Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley

Far Niente Chardonnay, Napa Valley

Cambria Syrah, Central Coast

Conn Creek Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

One little quibble – on the tasting notes handed out that night, there are no vintages (year the wine was harvested) listed for any of the wines.  Could have been an oversight, or maybe they don’t think people care very much about that information.  But I sure do, because each vintage of a wine is different, even if it’s the same wine, so you want to know in which year the wine was produced.

Other than that, and that’s a minor thing, it was a great experience.  The pour on each of the wines was healthy, a good thing, and each wine was available by the glass as well. Plus the wine rep pouring the wines was knowledgeable and friendly.

My friends and I tasted through each of the four wines, then sat at the lovely bar and ordered a full glass of the ones we liked best.  For me that was the Chalk Hill Sauvignon Blanc, which was $8 by the glass, and worth every penny.  De-lic-i-ous.

So check it out, Tuesday night tastings at The Fortunate Glass. 


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2 Responses to “Wilmington Wine Tastings: The Fortunate Glass”

  1. Celeste Glass says:

    Thank you for the wonderful article. We are happy that you noticed the quality of wines being poured at our tasting. The vintage not being on the tasting sheet was an oversight, each wine you tasting is poured by the glass and the vintages are listed on the wine list. Somehow they didn’t get transferred to the tasting sheets. Sorry :) Also, we do retail wine at The Fortunate Glass. We have priced are wine in between wine shop and restaurant pricing. So, you can take a bottle home with you or enjoy it at the wine bar. We have an Italian wine tasting this Tuesday featuring some of the bottle selections in our Italian portfolio. We will have these wines on special by the bottle or by the glass. Thank you again for taking the time to write such a wonderful article about us. Your support is what helps small places like The Fortunate Glass become successful.

    Celeste Glass

  2. Hey Celeste,

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I didn’t know you all also did retail wine sales — that’s terrific.

    And I figured the vintages not being on the tasting sheet that night was an oversight. I could have looked at the wine list to find out what the vintages were, but I didn’t think to do that! : )

    You guys have a lovely place, and me and everyone else I know who’s been there are really glad to have such a nice space with such a wonderful — and well-priced — wine list to hang out and enjoy great wine in.


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