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French Value Wine: Domaine de Pellehaut Rouge, Harmonie de Gascogne 2008

Domaine de Pellehaut Rouge 2008

Domaine de Pellehaut Rouge 2008

Ok, I don’t know what any of that up there means, but I do know that this is a very solid wine for the price – which is $10.99 locally here in Wilmington.

And I’ll tell you what else, finding a wine like this at this price is the proof that shopping at your local wine retail shop, getting to be a regular there, and asking questions of the staff, is a great strategy for finding awesome wines at awesome prices — and something you want to practice yourself, if you don’t already.

I never would have picked up this wine if left to my own devices, because I know nothing about the producer, the region, or, enough about French wine to feel comfortable stepping out of my comfort zone enough to buy a bottle that’s a complete mystery to me.  However, because I shop at this wine store with regularity and they know something about my wine preferences, and more importantly, are open to answering my questions and making the wine shopping experience comfortable and non-threatening, I was all over their suggestion of this bottle! 

And so I picked up this delicious wine for $11 bucks, and enjoyed it muchly.

Tasting notes from the Pellehaut site:
A deep color with ruby highlights. [The] expressive nose has fruity notes of blackberry, cassis and peppery notes. On the palate, the fruit is extended by a very good balanced structure. Ripe tannins and creamy smoothness give it balance. Well balanced and fruity. (KDH — so apparently it’s balanced.)

(The site is in French, and when I applied the English translation option to it, the tasting note above . . . hmm, well, let’s just say it didn’t read exactly as it’s translated there – I left out the incorrect articles and so on, but I left all the references to “balance” in.)   ; )

I would add that the wine has a nice silky palate and hints of spice and toast. It’s is a blend of Merlot, Tannat, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Totally worth $10.99, and then some. Oh, I should mention, I bought this wine wanting something to sit around and sip, and this is a good one for that, because the alcohol content is just 12.5%.  I also chilled it slightly, and it was like drinking a Beaujolais, but with more body and personality.


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