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How to Shop for Wine Like a Pro (and a Contest — woohoo!)

[picappgallerysingle id="5065762"]Do you ever go into your local wine store and stand there dumbfounded, gazing at the hundreds of bottles on display, without the first clue what to buy? There are so many varietals, producers, brand names, price points, and flavor profiles that you feel overwhelmed by the choices.

If you’re a newbie to wine, this can be scary, even paralyzing.

And I get it. As someone who has recently felt this knawing sense of overwhelm as a result of my ongoing quest for the perfect dining table – I’ve looked at dining tables online and in every furniture store in town — I can relate.  Too many choices, too many shapes, too many finishes, too many price points!

So that got me to thinking of the customers who come into the wine store where I work, the ones who look worn down, intimidated or terrified by all the choices.

Well, I’m going to help you with that. And I’m going to give you a chance to win a $45 gift certificate to in the process, which is a sort of hub for 200+ stores where you can find cookware, dinnerware, furniture, home décor, and the like.

To win the $45 gift certificate, all you have to do is:

1.  Go to my Squidoo article here, where I wrote about how to shop for wine,

2. Read the article,

3. Then come back HERE to Wine and Walnuts and leave me a comment about your worst wine shopping experience ever.

The very worst one.  Did you get a corked bottle?  Deal with a snobby wine professional?  Buy something you thought you’d like, but end up hating it?  Take a wine recommendation from the salesperson and think it was undrinkable swill? You get the idea.

Then leave me a comment here on Wine and Walnuts about that experience, and I’ll pick the best of the worst shopping experiences, and give that person the $45 gift certificate!

The contest will run today, Wednesday September 8, and go through Wednesday September 15; I’ll announce the winner on Friday, September 17.

So go on over to my Squidoo article on how to shop for wine, read the post, and come back here and leave me a comment!

Thanks a bunch, and Cheers!

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2 Responses to “How to Shop for Wine Like a Pro (and a Contest — woohoo!)”

  1. Annie says:

    Can’t think of a wine store fail, but I sure do run into a stunning number of ignorant restaurant servers who’ve steered me wrong more than once. And you’re kind of at their mercy if the wine list isn’t particularly annotated.

  2. Yep, it’s true. I know from working in restaurants for years that even at places with long, complicated lists, some servers only know the bare minimum, and sometimes not even that!
    But customers assume servers know lots about the wine list, and ask questions, and then get lame or super general advice. I’ve heard servers say things like, “Yeah, that’s a really good one” (which means nothing, really), when they know nothing about the wine in question! Which is bad for everybody.
    And I myself have worked at nice establishments where the owner would like it if servers knew about wine, but it wasn’t a requirement, and there was no wine education there. I think it’s up to restaurant owners, if wine is a primary focus, to make sure wait staff have SOME knowledge, or offer weekly tastings of wines from the list, or something.

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