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Great Wine for Summer Sipping: Twin Vines Vinho Verde 2009

Twin Vines Vinho Verde 2009
Twin Vines Vinho Verde 2009

I recently wrote about the Casal Garcia Vinho Verde here; I’ve been meaning to try the Twin Vines Vinho Verde for weeks, as a sort of comparison.  Because they are both Vinho Verdes, they both have twist-off caps, and they both retail for around $8 in my market.  Apples and apples, then.

I planned to write about that comparison, and give you other helpful information about the wine, but was thrown for a loop a couple of hours ago when my brother called to tell me our Dad was admitted to the hospital today.

Not to get too personal or dramatical here (yes, I know that’s not really a word, but I’m trying to keep my sense of humor here, as much as possible), but I can’t do anything else right now while I wait for news, and I have to do something, so a blog post seems like an OK thing to do while I sit here on pins and needles.

However, now I’m not feeling much up to researching wine and doing my taste comparison, so instead I found a well-written and entertaining review of this wine from another wine blog for you. I just discovered this blog and after reading the review, thought, “hmm, that’s how I would likely have talked about  this wine, and it is kinda sorta like my own blogging ‘voice,’” so here you go. 

Enjoy.  : )

(A quick note, though:  I prefer the Casal Garcia Vinho Verde — it seems a little more delicate and balanced to me.  For what it’s worth.)


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Kimberly Houston


2 Responses to “Great Wine for Summer Sipping: Twin Vines Vinho Verde 2009”

  1. Dave M says:

    Kimberly, made it here via a comment on Alinea at Home and noticed your mention of Vinho Verde. Famega is the only one I’ve tried so far (and the only one I’ve ever noticed in my area) but I love it. I could drink it all day with anything that comes off the grill or accompanies grilled food. Even ice cold it delivers, and the nearly imperceptible fizz always makes me smile.

    Just noticed your Dad –> hospital mention – hope everything’s OK and best wishes.

  2. Hey Dave,

    Thanks much for the comment!

    I’ve had the Famega Vinho Verde because it’s what we have in some of our local supermarkets here, so I’ll buy it in a pinch if I’m craving Vinho Verde and can’t get to the wine store. I remember liking it, and would probably get it again.

    Thanks for your kind wishes re my Dad, that’s very nice of you. : )

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