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NC BBQ Lovers and Wine Drinkers: Weigh In Here

Pic from Dr. Vino's Wine Blog

Pic from Dr. Vino's Wine Blog

Hello dear readers,

Tonight while catching up on food and wine blogs I read regularly, I found a super interesting post over on Dr. Vino’s wine blog about pairing BBQ with wine.  In the post, Dr. Vino references our very own eastern NC-style BBQ.  (I ask you, is there any other kind?  But I digress.)

Dr. Vino does regular blog posts on impossible food-wine pairings — they are awesome because, between reading the post itself and all the comments on the post, you can learn some really useful information on pairing wine with seemingly difficult foods/dishes/recipes. I pay attention to these posts, and implement the suggestions.

But hell, I never thought NC (or other) BBQ was hard to pair with wine to begin with, been doin’ it for years. But hey, I guess it’s not all that easy for those who don’t eat BBQ regularly.  (Bless their hearts.)

So, since we here in Wilmington, NC, and in eastern NC in general, have loads of experience with our particular style of (the very best) kind of BBQ, and what pairs well with it, why don’t we all head on over to Dr. Vino’s wine blog and leave a comment with our wine and BBQ pairing suggestions. I already got us started with my very own comment earlier tonight, so you all go on over there now and leave your comment, how ’bout it?   : )

Thanks a bunch!

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Kimberly Houston


2 Responses to “NC BBQ Lovers and Wine Drinkers: Weigh In Here”

  1. Dr. Vino says:

    Hi Kimberly –

    Thanks for the shout out! I’m glad you enjoy our series of food-wine brain teasers.

    Maybe there’s a wine blogger in western NC and you both could go head-to-head about pulled pork styles–and wine!



  2. Thank YOU — your blog is one of my go-to sources for wine info!

    And I love the idea of doing a head-to-head with a wine blogger in Western NC about BBQ and wine pairing — good stuff.

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