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Another Great Summer Wine: Casal Garcia Vinho Verde Rosé

Casal Garcia Vinho Verde Rosé
Casal Garcia Vinho Verde Rosé

I recently wrote about the white version of this wine, and how excellent it is for summer time drinking. I’ve just had the Rosé, and I can say (emphatically), it is just as perfect for that job. 

Remember, this wine is light, spritzy and fresh, with low alcohol, so it really is ideal for hot summer weather, outdoor parties, BBQ’s, boat trips, drunken brawls in the front yard, and all manner of summer time fun. 

It is non-serious and not expensive, just what you want to be drinking when you’re by the pool or outside at a friend’s house, waiting for your hot dog to come off the grill. (Good shorthand to remember, pink with pork, pink with pork, pink with pork . . . )

The Rosé version is very fruity, with strawberry and raspberry notes, and nice acidity.

Now, as a responsible citizen, I feel like it’s my duty to warn you that this wine is very easy to drink lots and lots of before you know how that happened, because of its low alcohol content, effervescence and freshness. 

If you’re like me (and I hope you are, otherwise I may have a bad problem), you’ll be hanging out with your friends drinking this wine, and by the end of the night, notice you’ve killed 4 bottles between the three of you.  And where did it go?  Because it won’t feel like you’ve had that much to drink.  Trust me on this one.  ; )

Another helpful pointer:  this wine, like the white version, is best drunk when very chilled – it’s just not nearly as nice without a serious chill on it.

In addition to non-serious pork “dishes” like hot dogs, this wine would be ideal with salads, seafood, and what I’m having with it tonight:  leftover chicken, tomato and pesto pizza.  : )

It’ll set you back about $8.99 locally, in Wilmington.

Tasting Note (from K&L Wine Merchants, at

Casal Garcia Vinho Verde Rosé

“Casal García is one of Vinho Verde giant Quinta de Aveleda’s labels. They produce a lot of wine, but they are extremely organized, quality oriented, and produced the first rosé I ever tasted from the Vinho Verde region. Produced from Azal tinto, barraçal, and Vinhao grapes. Like white vinho verde, this is slightly effervescent, fresh, invigorating stuff. Just a hint of residual sugar balances out the red fruit, acidity, and fizz. Chill this one and drink it in warm weather for a real treat.”


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