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Great Summer Drinking Value Wine: Three Winds Sauvignon Blanc 2008

Three Winds Sauvignon Blanc 2008
Three Winds Sauvignon Blanc 2008

I think I’ve almost turned myself into a white wine drinker, and not just because it’s already blistering hot here in the not-so-deep-South either. 

Sure, we all know whites and Rosés are much more palatable in the summer Southern months than reds, but because it has been so hot here lately, and I have been indulging in way more white wine than I normally do because of that, I’ve found some I could actually love all year round.  Yes, all.year.round.  Go figure.

This is a revelation to me, as I’ve been a red wine drinker all of my adult life, only toying with whites very rarely. It’s Rosé in the summer for me – not white.  So I feel like I’ve found a cool new best friend who I can’t seem to spend enough time with, as in, “I didn’t know how cool and interesting you were!  I really, really like you!”

And that’s why I love today’s wine choice, Three Winds Sauvignon Blanc 2008 – it’s interesting, it’s tasty, there’s some there there, it’s locally available, and it’s really inexpensive for the quality. 

Pick it up for $7.99 or so at Temptations Everyday Gourmet, both locations.

(Speaking of price, there are alot worse ways to spend $8 on wine and not be near as happy as you will be with this purchase.  It’s $8 bucks, and it’s really decent, c’mon.)

Tasting Notes:
Tropical fruits and melon on the nose, with a crisp lively palate. Good acidity with a clean finish.

Vin de Pays d’Oc.

Check out the winery Fact Sheet here.

General food matching advice:  SB’s are typically great with fish and all kinds of white meat; also, pair them with citrus-y dishes, tomato based dishes, fried calamari, and for cheeses, SB’s work well with goat cheese, Brie and other soft, mild, white cheeses.

Cheers, and Bon Appetit!

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