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Best Summer Drinking Wine: Casal Garcia Vinho Verde

Casal Garcia Vinho Verde
Casal Garcia Vinho Verde

I’m seriously expanding my summer wines repertoire with this one.  For me, it’s all about red wine, then in summer, I switch to mostly Rosé.  But here’s a white wine I could love every night of the week.  Seriously.

Vinho Verde is from Portugal. It’s light, fresh, and effervescent — an excellent summer sipper on it’s own, but would also pair well with lighter seafood dishes, salads, and fruit even, all the things you like to eat in summer. It’s not at all a serious wine, but one meant to be drunk while you’re enjoying your usual summer fun.  ; )

As an added bonus, it’s alcohol content is low, around 10%, so you can drink a fair amount of the stuff without becoming worthless.  And, it’s around $8.00 a bottle, a true bargain.  (I bought it locally at Temptations Every Day Gourmet.)

If you do lots of entertaining in the summer, especially of the outdoor variety, I highly recommend buying a couple of cases of this!

Check out the tasting notes below from for more info on this lovely, delicious wine.

Vinho Verde, Portugal

Casal Garcia Vinho Verde is a white wine to try if you appreciate a quality wine with no pretension of greatness. It was cited by wine expert Daniel Johnnes as “one of the most delicious light white wines I have tasted in a long time.”

Casal Garcia Vinho Verde is a blend of the native Portuguese varietals Loureiro, Trajadura, Arinto and Azal, from the Vinho Verde appellation of Portugal. It is light yellow-green in color, with a nose of citrus, and a crisp, spritzy acidity. Light in body with no oak and no tannins, Casal Garcia is light and refreshing, and ready to drink!


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Kimberly Houston


2 Responses to “Best Summer Drinking Wine: Casal Garcia Vinho Verde”

  1. Casal Garcia says:

    Thank you very much for your post :)

    For more info please join us on Facebook:

    Kind Regards

  2. Sheila Spaulding says:

    This wine is so fabulous!! I love that its light, sour and slightly effervescent! I used to live in the Azores in the late 80s, I was 19yrs and so excited I could drink legally – lol! At the end of every shift I would go buy some Casal Garcia for $2.50 a bottle. I just adored it! I could taste the salty air and all the lush greens that covered the island!

    So I move to Oklahoma. First thing I do is order a case of it and because the state of OK have THE most rediculous liquor laws I couldn’t get it. So a few yrs ago I’m shopping at my favorite liquor store and I find 9 bottles of Casal Garcia!!! Wow!! I bought them all, chill it, open it, smell, taste it and ALL these awesome memories flood ALL of my senses!

    This wine is truly an amazing experience! Cheers

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