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Rosé Redux: 5 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Rosé This Summer

summer means Rosé . . .
summer means Rosé . . .

(I originally posted this last year towards the end of summer, but I thought I’d post it again, since summer is nearly here, it’s already hot as blazes here in the South, and you’ll probably want to start enjoying lots of Rosé, very soon.)

OK, so it’s time to dust off your winter wine-drinking habits and start thinking fun and refreshing.

For me, that means Rosé. 

When the weather is warm, I feel the urge to drink wine that is cool and refreshing, yet has personality, and I’m not really a white wine drinker. In this heat, the thought of drinking the reds I usually love isn’t nearly as palatable, so the ideal choice is Rosé.  I’m head-over-heels in love with the stuff (not everyone gets it), so I’d like to share why I think it’s such an excellent beverage choice.

1.  It pleases both red and white drinkers.

It has the body and flavor of a light, dry red, but the cool, crisp refreshing finish of a white. Rosé is made using red wine grapes, which gives Rosé its body and flavor. The dark grape skins are allowed only brief contact with the juice, and this gives the wine its pretty pink-ish hue. It can be bone dry, or have a touch of sweetness. Rosé is meant to be drunk young, so don’t hesitate to choose bottles from the most recent vintage you find, and chill it like you would a white wine.

When it’s hot out and I’m choosing a wine to please both palates? Well, I go with Rosé.

2.  It’s versatile with many foods. 

Because of its crisp acidity, it’s a nice complement to many foods.  Dry Rosé pairs with almost anything.  And I have tried it with almost everything you’d think of eating in the summer — light summer pasta with veggies, burgers and hot dogs (yes, hot dogs!) from the grill, easy summer salads, ham and cheese biscuits, gourmet mac-and-cheese, French fries, and pepperoni pizza, to name a few.  The list of food Rosé pairs well with goes on and on.

3.  It’s great on it’s own, no food required!

Again, with its cool, crisp, refreshing finish and bright fruit flavors, Rosé is de-lovely and delightful all by itself.  Excellent as an apéritif, or to sip with friends outside on a hot summer evening, when there is no thought of food at all. 

4.  It’s relatively inexpensive.

Rosé seems to be enjoying more of a serious look these days as more people become educated about it, but many still see it and think, “ugh, white zinfandel,” so it’s not always an easy sell for wine retailers.  Which means you’ll find some real values if you search around a little. 

5.  It’s fun to drink.

Because it’s the best of both worlds — cool and refreshing, but with more body and flavor than many whites, and oh-so-pretty (you know it’s true).  Rosé just flat out puts me in a summer frame of mind, even when I’m drinking it in the dead of winter, and that makes it kind of magical.

So get yourself to your favorite wine purveyor and ask for recommendations, buy yourself a few bottles, and then, my friends, it’s Summer – ON!






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