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Saturday Hilarity: Anthony Bourdain and Ruth Reichl Tweet Mashup

Ruth Bourdain, as I live and breathe . . .

Ruth Bourdain, as I live and breathe . . .

If you want to laugh your a** off, check this out.  Seriously, drop what you’re doing, right now, and go here:

This fictional person is a mashup of Ruth Reichl of Gourmet (and many wonderful books) fame, and everybody’s favorite bad boy chef, Anthony Bourdain. 

You will laugh.

Just a few choice observations (these are the only ones I feel comfortable sharing here, other equally funny, but way more profane tweets, can be found at the site!):

“Grating cheddar. Shredding scallions. Eviscerating shallots. Tangled onto bread, melting into a f***ing lava flow. This will burn my tongue.”

“Have you ever smoked tangerine zest in a bong? Incredible! Me and the cat are sky high.”

“Strangers need to step off at this time in the a.m. Douche at coffee shop just sold me a f***ing stale corn muffin. Anyone got a cigarette?”

And the profile pic may just make you wet your pants.  Enjoy!!

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