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Wilmington Wine Tastings, Part One

Please take me home, I am both tasty and value-priced
Please take me home, I am both tasty and value-priced

OK, so there’s going to be a new feature here on Wine and Walnuts.  I want to do a round-up of sorts of all the wine tastings here in our lovely city, because there are so darn many given the size of this charming little burg, that it boggles the mind.  So maybe we need a roadmap. I’ve been to many local tastings, and still, there are always some each week I miss, because, fer cryin’ out loud, I can’t drink every night.  It fills my heart with joy that we are so lucky to have this much access to wine and wine knowledge in our awesome little town!  I defy you to find this much going on wine (and food)-wise in other cities of this size. 

What my plan is, then, is to go to each tasting, then report back here on mood, ambience, snoot factor (if any), wines tasted, average price point, hours and location of said wine store, etc.  That way, we’ll all have a schedule of sorts of where we need to be each night, to taste wine and partake of the ensuing conviviality. 

First up is Temptations Everyday Gourmet in Hanover Center, across from Independence Mall. 

They hold their tastings every Saturday from 11:00-6:00.  It’s super laid back and casual — the wine is there, you show up whenever you feel like it, Susan pours and explains.  She is uber-approachable and knowledgeable, and you won’t feel the least bit intimidated if you don’t know anything about wine.  Seriously.  Plus, the wine selection is pretty awesome.  And, you can buy gourmet chocolates and other wonderful things while you’re here, and even get your lunch on, if you’re so inclined.  The chicken salad rocks; it’s a personal favorite of mine.

Here’s what they were pouring on Saturday, January 30:

Clifford Bay Sauvignon Blanc
2009, New Zealand
 Aromas of grapefruit carry through to the palate where they are joined by flavors of grass.  A great value new Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Three Winds Sauvignon Blanc
2008, France
Tropical fruits and melon on the nose, with a crispy lively palate. Good acidity with a clean finish and mineral undertones.

Russian Jack Pinot Noir
2008, New Zealand
An enticing mix of red berry fruit and spice notes on the nose leading into a palate full of delectable red fruit flavors.

Home Grown Family Harvest Red
2007, California
This Syrah, Barbera, Petite Sirah blend is full bodied and full of dark fruit. This Italian inspired red really shines when paired with food.

I don’t usually love whites, but I did enjoy the Three Winds SB from France tasted on 01/30, and only $7.99 a bottle — yippee!

So, check out Temptations in Hanover Center some Saturday afternoon, you’ll be glad you did.


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Kimberly Houston


2 Responses to “Wilmington Wine Tastings, Part One”

  1. Jeremy S says:

    Great idea to do write-ups on wine tastings, Kimberly! Too bad for me I’m in Wilmington at most only a couple of times a year. Keep it up, though, ’cause I may be able to find some of these wines in Raleigh!

  2. Hey ya Jeremy!

    I know for sure you can find some of these wines, and others I’ll be writing about, in Raleigh, because many of the wholesalers/distributors that wine shops in Wilmington buy from are located in Raleigh, and they sell to stores in Raleigh too!
    In case you don’t check back here for my reply to your comment, I’m going to e-mail you this too. . . .

    Love, your pal,

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