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Wilmington Wine Tastings: Bottega Art and Wine

Kimberly Houston | December 26, 2010

I don’t why I’ve never written about downtown Wilmington’s Bottega Art and Wine’s wine tastings on the blog. Truth is, I’ve been to Bottega many times, but never specifically for the wine tastings.
Which they do on Wednesday evenings from 7-10 p.m., by the way. And like most wine tastings in town, it’s free.
The atmosphere is [...]

Wilmington Wine Tastings: The Fortunate Glass

Kimberly Houston | October 31, 2010

If you’re lucky enough to be a Wilmingtonian, you may have already discovered the wonderful new downtown wine bar, The Fortunate Glass, on 29 South Front St. (I recently wrote about this wine bar here.)
On Tuesday night I went to a wine tasting there; the theme was “Classic Estate Wines of California.”  Hey, what a [...]

Let’s Take This Thing in the Living Room (Wilmington Wine Tastings, Part Three)

Kimberly Houston | October 12, 2010

You know a nice bottle of wine would dress up the spaghetti you made for dinner.  You’d love to bring the right Champagne to your friend’s housewarming party. Or show up with a bottle of Rosé because it seems to be the new “it” wine. And wouldn’t it be nice to open a [...]

Wilmington Wine Tastings, Part Two

Kimberly Houston | October 6, 2010

[picappgallerysingle id="308010"]I’ve always meant to write waaaay more on this blog about local Wilmington wine tastings than I do, and I intend to fix that.
So in honor of that commitment, here’s a little tip from me to you.  The Wine Sampler in Wilmington (4107-I Oleander Drive) is having a sale this week (October 7-13) on [...]

Wilmington Wine Tastings, Part One

Kimberly Houston | February 3, 2010

Please take me home, I am both tasty and value-priced

OK, so there’s going to be a new feature here on Wine and Walnuts.  I want to do a round-up of sorts of all the wine tastings here in our lovely city, because there are so darn many given the size of this charming little burg, [...]